Do you know who makes these shoes?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hello you guys! I saw these pair of shoes in the Alexander Wang s/s 07 collection and can't stop thinking about them. (I e-mailed Alexander Wang about it and they said it was the stylists own and that they didn't know)
    I noticed that in the pic in Vogue where Danielle Sherman, MK and Ashley Olsen is anouncing their "The Row" lablel, Danielle Sherman is Wearing them! So, now I put all my trust in you guys, because I know you always know about the "it"-stuff!:flowers:
    Please identify these shoes for me! (I know they are a bit quirky but that's just me.. lol) here are some pics:


    I think the soles are RED!


    PLEASE help me if you know
  2. They certainly are different ;)

    The last picture shows a red sole, could they be a vintage pair of flat louboutins. I have genuinely never seen a style like this before, but I am not really a flat shoe kind of girl.
    I really hope you find out more about them :smile:
  3. Don't know either...Ditto Chloe-babe. I really like them. Different...makes them attractive to me.
  4. Maybe you should post it in the shoe forum, it would get the appropriate attention and maybe you'll get an answer! Good luck honey!!
  5. hey gals! they ARE Louboutin! I FINALLY found this auction luring in the outskirts of eBay! It is not studs as I thought - it's JEWELS! =D

    Buuuut, my size is more like 37,5, not 36....:sad: so, I just have to post a Want-it-now, I guess. I checked some online stores and the Louboutin homepage, but nothing of these babys. I'll have to ask the seller for more or where she got them!

    Thanks for your help girls!:heart:
  6. . . . moving to the Glass Slipper Forum {shoe Forum}