Do you know who I am??????

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  1. Normally I'm a BV and MJ girl, but this bag has come into my possession and I have no idea what it is called. I'm 100% positive that it is real. I just am curious if anyone can tell me the name of the color and style. The color looks like a rich camel color. Thanks a million!!!!


  2. It looks real...I have it in red, but mine is from 2003.

    I just went to check and I only have the authenticity card but not the white card with all the info on it.... sorry and mine is different, the top flap is slightly ruched.
  3. Thanks--even that info is helpful! I don't have any of the cards. :sad: But, it is the most awesome squish wonderful leather...
  4. That looks exactly like my nadja without the flower on the flap
  5. I was looking at the Nadja and thinking the same thing. Do you think this could be an older version?