DO you know which LV line this is?

  1. SO the other day I was watching the re-runs of the 2005 project runway! The designer kara saun (my fav) was carrying the cutest LV bag around and I want to know which line it was from?

  2. it may help to give us a description or a screen shot
  3. Pics and/or description would help :yes:
  4. I dont even know where to look for a picture.

    It was a tote with a light background the LV monogram and vanchetta handles.
    I'll look for a picture too
  5. I remember that it was part of the monogram mini line it might have been the Cabas Mary Kate. I wish I could remember exactly what it looked like so I could be sure. The monogram mini line has been discontinued and replaced with the mini lin line.
  6. how big? what color?
  7. Thank You!!! WHen I was looking on the LV website the other day I thought it looked like the mini lin line but not quite the same. SO the Monogram mini line, Cabas Mary Kate would be from a couple years back? Where would I look for it? Besides eBay prefferably;)
  8. ^^^I was just on eBay looking at that! That isn't the bag though.

    It looked like the cabas here:

    Only it was a light background does that exist:confused1: