do you know where this ring this from?

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  1. anyone have any idea where this ring is from? and how much is it?

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  2. Wish I knew, there beautiful!
  3. Wish I knew, there beautiful!
  4. #4 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    I LOVE this ring!

    There is a store near me that carries rings that look so similar to this, I wonder if its the same designer?!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. thats one ring? really neat
  7. I think its a set of four rings. All seperate but you buy them together. I could be wrong though.
  8. wait, are these several rings soldered together or is it literally one continuous ring designed that way? either way, i love it.

    EDIT: nevermind, i see the link says they are 4 different rings. either way, such a cool set.
  9. Its 4 different rings all soldered together to be one ring, I have tried some of them on before.
  10. courtneyh: you are amazing! thank you for finding the link for us! I think I am gonna buy it! It is so beautiful! I love how you can stack 4 rings in so many different ways!