Do you know where I can buy the "Elise" bag?

  1. It's on the MJ website but I don't see where you can purchase this bag.

    Does anyone have it here that could post a picture?

  2. Thanks! I forgot about the search feature until after I posted. It figures- a dollar late and a day short.:sad:
  3. I just purchased an Elise on ebay. I sure hope it isn't fake. Does anyone know if they make fake Elise bags? If so, is there anything in particular that I should look for? It is the calf skin version. I'm sure hoping for the best.
  4. Post the link in the authenticate this thread and we'll let you know what we think.
  5. Imgg, I am glad you didn't go for it. From the pictures, I don't like what I see. I don't know what it is, the bag looks so beat up.


  6. Yes, there are lots of faked Elise on ebay/ioffer. I dare to say that most of them aren't authentic.
  7. Ouch. Thanks for the reply. I'm new here and this would have been my first Marc Jacobs. I posted pictures on the Authenticate This thread. Maybe someone will know.I'm going to hope for the best.
  8. Suzi, I'm sorry to disappoint you with my previous reply.
    The ladies will check out your pictures for you. =)
  9. I'd recommend calling a MJ store. Call the SF store and ask for Lauren. The number is (415) 362-6500. Or call the LV store and ask for Kay or Anthony. The number is (702) 369-2007.

    They'll be able to tell you how many Elises are out there and what's available. The only downside is make sure you want the bag since you can only get store credit if you return the bag and the return policy is for a short period of time... But you're guaranteed an authentic bag at retail price.
  10. bag.lover, is that you're bag?? =)~~
  11. Those pictures are copied & pasted from the listing, the bag doesn't look like it's in great condition right?
    I totally baby my Elise, she's the same condition as the day I got her; she's stored in her white MJ box. =)
  12. It's a beautiful bag! Too bad those are hard to come by now. The auction went fast at $750.

    So which of your lovely bags do you use regularly? Not to hijack or anything...