Do you know what this LV EPI bag is?

  1. Could you LV experts tell me what this EPI bag's model/name is? :confused1: :wondering
    blackepi1.jpg blackepi2.jpg
  2. I've never seen that one before.. but it's very nice! is it for sale somewhere?
  3. Looks like the Duplex to me. My catalog lists the following info (can't get a good pic right now):

    Model No: M52422
    Measurements: H33.5xW40.5xD13.5
    Price: (keep in mind that this catalog was published in 2006, and that the purse is discontinued, so I don't know *when* this price was from) 97,000 yen.

    Hope this helps! Looks gorgeous!
  4. I bought this bag several years ago. By that time I was not really into "name brand bag" business so never paid attention what its name was. Here are a couple more photos. Its measurements are 14" x 12" x 5". Shoulder straps drops is abou 12".

    Thanks for solving the mystery for me. :smile:
    blackepi3.jpg blackepi4.jpg
  5. IDK anything about it, but it is cute!
  6. It was the Dupliex, not Duplex.

    Launched in 1999 for $765 and ran until 2002, costing $695 from 2001 until it was pulled from the range.
  7. It was a very nice bag, I carried lots of books for university in it, really practical-not very good carrying valuables as it didn`t have a zipper or hook-I think only one of the inside pockets had a zipper.