Do you know those 2 stores online ???

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  1. The first sells fake items, but I believe the second is a consignment store and sells authentic items.

  2. The first site shows dubious signs of being a fakery-factory

    Wherever you buy second-hand, it might be a good idea to seek opinions through the 'Authentic This Gucci' thread
  3. Malleries sells authentic items but each seller on that site has their own "store". I've heard stories about some to avoid- probs with returns, etc. but can't remember which ones! They also tend to be a bit overpriced for most items but if you see a good deal, snag it!!!
  4. don´t forget that there also have been some fake bags on that site
  5. it's scared me !!!
    the price is high and i'll be sick to spend so much monney for a fake bag !!!
    They said (both of them) that the bag is brand new...never used !
    The pictures are the same in the both store, so it can be stolen from another authentic bag.

    i'm not sure now...i think i'm going to say goodbye to that sad !

    thanks for your advice.
  6. why not try to post in

    Before posting please
    ** Please read carefully my signature, :heart: Dear GUCCI fans:heart:- and follow the informations in the link about format and needed pic **
    or this link post #2148
  7. I just did it !
    and now, i cross my fingers !

    thanks for your help Queen.asli !

    i also search the seller "Plane Janes" on the forum and there is good feedback.
    She also my poupette seller!
  8. Show us at your reveal!!!