Do you know this website ?

  1. I am not familiar with it. Is some sort of auction site?
  2. No it's just a website where you can look and contemplate the bags !
  3. I see. Thank you for posting.
  4. What's that smell? ..... I think I just got a whiff of some "spam" ....:lol:
  5. That's really not necessary is it?:confused1:
  6. good to see some well arranged website
    this one sort bags out of model!
  7. I think it's a good resource and I love this bag.

  8. Thanks. It was nice to scroll through and see so many on one page. :smile:
  9. perfect page thank you
  10. aw thanks for posting.

    I LOVE looking at various japanese websites FILLED with lv or other designer bags!!

    thanks :heart:
  11. aww dont be mean! :shame:
  12. && by the way, the website has this clear lv tote that i have never seen being sold!!

    i have only seen it in ads!
  13. I think they actually sell it, but only to those who live in Japan...
    My gosh, LV is so expensive in Japan...

    On that website = 69800 + 500 yen = almost $600 (used)