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  1. Hi, I purchased a Betsey Johnson Bag in early November from and returned it a couple of days after I received it. It's been a month with no refund. They keep telling me they're processing it. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this site? Also is a reputable site?
  2. i'm not familiar with daniscloset at all...the LOOK to be legit, but that doesn't really mean anything. are you at least hearing back from them when you try to get in touch? that says something...and i guess if you don't get your refund 'soon' i would file a dispute with your credit card company.

    jcmadison is a reputable site, many girls here have purchased from a board search for more info.
  3. grechen's closet? i love your site!!!! i always read it and i think i've read everything on it so update please! ;)