Do you know this model?

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  1. I was calling NM and the SA said they have a bag that has 2 flaps with the white CC, it is about 12 by 10 and has 2 zippers on the sides. She said it was a XL CC. Does anyone know which bag this is and where I could look at it online.
  2. Is is from the cambon series?
  3. I believe so.
  4. Can you get more info? Like if it has any pockets, if it's a shoulder bag, handbag, etc?

    Hmm two zippers...
  5. I don't know, she said it was originally $1350. Black shoulder bag very large with two big white cc's.
  6. Hmm that price doesnt match anything in the cambon line, sorry I can't think of anything at the moment. Let me look around some more and I'll be back!