Do you know this BBag?????

  1. HI Everyone!

    Look what I found...I've never seen this style before and it seems its pretty vintage..
    anyone know the name or year or colour or ...anything:yes::tup:

    I really kinda like it..:heart::heart:

    Vintage Bal.JPG vintage bal 2.JPG
  2. Ooo, it's pretty! The picture is coming off a little fuzzy on my computer -- what is the patch of lighter color below the zipper? Is it calf hair?
  3. Thmm to me it looks like a patch of lighter coloured leather... but i dunno
    it has a leather tag with the old double B Logo...(you know the one where the B's are facing each other..)
    SO I guess it has to be pretty old..somewhere 90's
  4. gorgeous bag!! i'm not sure of the style but it looks fabulous on you!!
  5. thanks galex :heart:...but its not me thats modelling:smile:
    not mine yet..but planning on grabbing the beauty..looks a lil like grenat, bordeaux..
  6. It almost looks like an early version of the current step. Either way it looks gorgeous and will look fabulous on you Oula.
  7. I have no idea what style it is, but it looks really beautiful, the color is intense and from a purely utilitarian point of view, that bag looks to hold a lot and big bags are awesome! It could just be my eyes playing with me, but it seems like in that lighter portion of leather, there could be faint writing?
  8. thanks for ur help and thoughts everyone...i really appreciate itt:smile:

    one day it'll be at the point that ill never buy a bag without u haha..

    amiekbs8..i think so looks like a leather tag with balenciaga on it on the outside...(like on twiggys etc...only a lil different shape..)
    the inner tag has the old logo on it though
  9. I love the shape, very similar to the LV Cabby.
  10. omg, that style is so cute! i love it! did you get it???? show us YOUR pics please!
  11. Wow that's such a cool bag! A change from the moto style, but still has that GORGEOUS yummy leather. And the color...!! If you get it, please post pics!!
  12. I'm looking forward to more detailed pictures once it's in your hands!