do you know this bag?

  1. hi there..
    does anyone know this bag? when did it come out? how much was it?
    this is the first time i see it and it looks great !:nuts:
    the seller wants 1200 euoros..what do u think?should i go for it?:angel:
  2. omg that's precious!!

    I don't know when it came out but I occassionally see the pink one (but it just has a chain and no cute charms) on bluefly. if you have the funds and you really like it, I say go for it.

    However i think it's more of an evening purse because I would imagine it would get annoying flipping the flap up to get into the purse
  3. Do it! It'll fit so well with your collection and the price is good....I've seen this before but now can't remember when.
  4. I've seen someone wearing that bag. Not sure how long ago though. The bag is fantastic and very original looking. I like the rockstar edge it has to it. good luck.
  5. mello yellow...
    it's available in pink????
    i'd kill myself if i didint find that
  6. shopmom

    is it very old?or 2/3 seasons ago???
  7. janice

    this is exactly what i liked about it...and i havent seen it around at all...thanx , i'll try to get it
  8. I'm not sure exactly Solitair....I think I saw it sometime last year though. It's should get it even though it's not pink. If you do find it in pink I know you could sell the black one...
  9. Wow, I love the charms on it! You always find the prettiest Chanels! :biggrin:
  10. solitair, I've seen this bag in Germany and it was in 2001! I loved it and wanted to get it...but I didn't :sad:

    I say get it even tho its years old....Its unique and I'm sure there aren't alot far I've seen one lady who has it here
  11. shopmom

    i guess ur right.. think i'll go for it..
  12. elle

    im begining to think its a curse ...:smile:
  13. shoog

    2001 ???
    ur kidding! how on earth did it pass me?
    no need for pushing...i'll get it !
  14. it's really adorable. go for it!
  15. It's So Beautiful!!!