Do you know this bag?

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  1. Hi everyone, I just got this delicious bag from NM in Newport Beach a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to identify it in the reference threads. It is a light metallic (between silver and pale gold IRL) color with short double straps that fit over the shoulder (barely). Super light (but leather seems super sturdy) and has plenty of room--I love bowler style bags and thought it would be great for the you happen to know if it belongs to a particular line? The SA didn't know the name of it. TIA!

  2. Here's another view of it:

  3. Oh, it looks delicious! Congrats and enjoy!!!:yahoo:
    Dunno if I am right, but it looks like a Cloudy Bundle Bowler:confused1:
  4. ^^ Yup, it's the cloudy bundle bowler. Wow, that is a beautiful color. I've never seen the CB bowler this color before. Congrats, it's stunning!
  5. Thanks ladies for solving my mystery! :yahoo:Yes, it was absolutely the TDF color that made me take her home!! :love:
  6. It's sooo pretty!
  7. congrats, beautiful colour and looks really soft.
  8. Looks dreamy - enjoy your new bag!!!
  9. lovely bag! Congrats!
  10. ooh, you MUST add her to the Reference LIbrary! She's gorg!
  11. :drool: omg, it is soooo pretty.
  12. Great bag!!
  13. Sorry ladies but this isn't the CB bowler. The leather has too much texture and the CB ligne was never made in a metallic finish and has longer straps that easily fit over the shoulder. I know I have seen this bag before and it's an older style; I just don't recall the name. It's very cute nonetheless!
  14. its SOOOOOOOOOO nice!!! Congrats on the find!! I think its an odler style too..the cloudy bundle seems to be more pufffy?? I recall lindsay lohan carrying a bag similar to this?
  15. Wow I love that bag it is so pretty!! Congrats!