Do you know this bag on ebay?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. never saw it before but the leather is TDF!!!
  3. I KNOW what you mean! i feel like taking a chance! if it is real it is a GREAT deal!
  4. ok i ordered it and waiting to get it will report back as soon as it arrives! wish me luck
  5. good luck!
    i just got robbe with a fake purse,lol but it wasnt from e-bay =(
  6. ok it arrived and was packed very nicely and is a lovely bag....leather looks great and it has an INSIDE leather pouch the size of the bag with a leather drawstring....on end of it is dolce tag also dolce metal tag inside the fur lining
    so tell me my friends how do i find out if it is real??? !!! is there a central fake bag detective store i can go to ...lololol
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I have no idea, but am wondering. . .
    is D&G really counterfeited much?
  9. i feel that everything gets counterfeited. i would try to find the real one and compare. it is a really cool bag though. sorry labelwhore about your bag! where did you purchase it from? i would try to return it.
  10. well i have the bag now and it is gorgeous and SO SOFT ....still can't verify if it is a real dolce...if anyone runs across something to help me thank you in advance!
    will wear it to work in the snow tomorrow to perk myself up in the cold! lol
  11. D&G is conterfeited, almost just as much as anything else.
    I've been in Turkey and other countries that sell counterfeits alot and LV and D&G seem to be the most popular purses to fake there.