Do you know things that you shouldn't be knowing?

  1. I read a LOT. And when I don't know the meaning of something, I look it up, whether it be innocent or *ahem* not so innocent.

    Sometimes, though, I'm afraid if someone asks what something means and it has a not so innocent meaning and I tell them, they'll look at me like, "How do you know THAT!?!?!"

    (I find that I have to add, "I don't know from experience, I know from reading!")

    This one time, my family and I were watching a rerun of The Simpsons. The episode was called The Two Mrs. Nasapeemapetilons. It's the one where Apu was preparing for his arranged wedding.

    Marge goes, "I've been looking over this list for the ceromony. I've got the extra wine glasses but I'm still short a Tandori oven, an elephant and four castrati."
    Bart asks, "What's a castrati?"
    Marge replies with, "I don't know but I'm sure it's something spicy."

    My brother asks what a castrati is and I explained it to him. My dad gave me a LOOK and went, "And how do YOU know that!?!?!" I was like, "You explained it to me!"

    (My dad and I were watching it when it first aired.)
  2. I read a lot, too, and I know a lot, which makes the men in my family defensive. I've learned to have my sources ready for them, so I can point to where I obtained the information. Everyone else would call people like you and me resourceful, though :yes:.
  3. I like being resourseful.

    The times that I'm a bit iffy on explaining things is when the answer has something to do with sex.

    Like, I know what 69 means and I know how to explain it, but anything dirtier than that, I almost don't want to because I'm afraid I'd get those "LOOKS."
  4. I don't know if I know things I "shouldn't be knowing," but my mind is a repository for tons of useless information. :lol:
  5. ^^ I am, too. I love learning trivia.

    Maybe 'shouldn't be knowing' is the wrong way to say it. What I meant was, do you know things you would feel uncomfortable explaining to other people?
  6. Not really. Unless it's someone who I'm quite sure wouldn't really want to know...or a child.
  7. uhm. yeah. i know stuff that i don't want to know. but somehow it got launched into my brain and refuses to move. so i'm stuck knowing a bunch of interesting stuff. :graucho:
  8. Lol, no one expects me to know that an LV screw has 6 points...ok so lots of this purse stuff people would raise their brows if I know...
  9. Now that I think of this more deeply, yes, there are some things I "shouldn't know." I'm the person amongst my circle of friends that everyone confides in, for some reason. I hear a lot of things, things I feel are best kept between mother and daughter, or husband and wife.

    The other day, a guy who I'm friendly with (an acquaintance) told me that his wife cheated on him with a guy who had gonohrrea but she didn't catch it. After he caught her in a lie, she admitted she slept with his neighbor upstairs, who happens to be female. That was just too much information.
  10. I can remember having that problem when I was little, so one of the things I learned very early was that it is sometimes a better idea to squelch that urge to "educate and inform," and to be very selective about your audience, as sometimes the emphasis can be more on the fact that you know it, and the thing you had hoped to communicate can get lost.

    "Nothing on earth should be secret to a writer."

    I don't remember where I read that, or who said it, but it is another thing that really stuck with me since childhood, and coupled with the understanding that there are a lot of things that many people do not really want to know.

    Again, considering your audience. If they are adults, and especially if they are adults who have had pretty much the same resources and opportunities as you to learn something for themselves, the chances are that the information you might impart is not going to be a pleasant experience for them.

    To put it into a modern context, today almost anything one might wish to know is at one's fingertips. People can google. I know I have said that on here, in response to questions that touched on some subjects that went beyond the fashion aspect of fashion.

    LOL I am still not saying it very well. Just consider your audience carefully, and be very conscious of their comfort level, their attitudes, opinions and beliefs, and make a concerted effort to make sure that the information you might share, and your sharees are a good match!

    Oh, and keep on reading! :biggrin:
  11. I always call myself a research geek. People always look at me and do you know that???
  12. Thanks, ShimmaPuff. I would never volunteer that information myself, but if I'm in a group, and the question is asked, and someone else might know the answer, I'd let them answer.
  13. hmmm...yes definitely... but for me it's actual "events" or real (bad) things that can happen to people in everyday life, not just encyclopedic knowledge lol. Sometimes, the "things" I know really bother me (and I already self-diagnosed myself with "problems" lol)... I don't want to expand on what I mean exactly, but I often think that ignorance is bliss:yes:
  14. oh I definitly know what you mean... esp this semester, im taking a class called "Sexuality and Religion" and its a class that basically talks about all the taboo aspects of religion that they dont teach you in church/temple.. and its VERY astounding, im not offended, just surprised that this knowledge is out there!

    I love it, I feel like I have a secret that most people dont know or would want to know...
  15. Yeah, it happens to me quite a lot too. I guess it's just because I'm curious, and that's a good thing IMO. =)