Do you know someone w/ a funny name?

  1. Happy New Year!!!

    I thought this would be fun.....I was reading an article about a real woman named "Mary Christmas". It was a family name and she inherited it. It got me thinking about funny names of people that I know/knew. In grade school one of my best friends was "Rose Budd". She got teased constantly. I also had a teacher in high school named Richard Seemon...yes we all called him "Dick Seemon"!!! Not a great name for a teacher of any kind....speaking of brother's 6th grade teacher was "Mrs. Titsworth"!! :wtf: No kidding! The boys in the class had a field day....who do YOU know w/ a funny name? Please keep in mind this is not an opportunity to make people feel bad....I know that we all have the names that we inherit from our families, and we don't have a choice. Just thought it would be a little light hearted play on the last day of the year.....

  2. I had a dr named DR PAIN..ROFL..I swear!!!
  3. My other personal fave name is DR WEINER for a urologist....we actually have 2 by that name in my area...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  4. A friend of mine had an oral/maxillofacial surgeon named Dr. Slaughter!
  5. These are hilarious!!!! :roflmfao:
  6. I am not kidding, when I worked for the Navy Department, I worked with a fellow named Harry Cox.
  7. My sister used to babysit a girl named London Bridges.

    The principle of my daughter's high school was named John Biggerstaff.

    and I once had a customer whose name was Richard Head (and when he was in the military, he was Major Dick Head, sir!)
  8. An attorney - last name lawyer son worked there too Lawyer & Lawyer Law Firm
    a physician - Last name Doctor yes he was Dr. Doctor
    Both of these were in a Medium size midwest city!

    Knew a Jim Sho (pronounced shoe)
  9. No kidding - Ben Dover.
  10. Growing up, in the mid 1980's, my friends and I used to prank call a man named Harry Legg. Recently, when I caught my daughter pranking calling someone, curiosity caused me to look up Mr. Legg to see if he was still around....his name is now listed as H. Legg. I guess that I wasn't the only one who pranked him.
  11. ^^ Lmao! I Love That One!!
  12. You guys have to look at this site:
    Car Talk: Credits

    These are not real people's names though, just for a laugh
  13. Growing up I had a very good friend named Story. Maybe not that unusual but at the time I had never met anyone else with that name.

    My neighbor's name was Kingsley. The cutest little girl.
  14. *raises left hand and places right hand on the Bible*

    I went to school with a girl named Toni Screws. Poor thing, you can only imagine the grief she got!

    The dentist I had when I lived in the NC mountains was Dr. Bridgeman. There was another one in the next county named Dr. Payne.
  15. LOL...that reminds me of a Beavis & Butthead episode where they kept prank calling this guy named Harry Sach.

    One of the janitors at my highschool was named Dick Buttkiss.