Do you know more about LV than the sales assistant ??

  1. Hi, have you ever asked for something in the store and teh SA is like :shrugs: . I recently asked for a panda cles and the SA looked at me and said "what, Ive never heard of them"...then I asked about the Groom and Mirrior collections and he had to get another SA to tell me about them. do the staff ever get training ??
  2. Yes! When I went to LV last weekend, I asked the SA about the Panda Cles and she was like, "We've never had anything called Panda." and then she tried to sell me the Koala keychain! LOL. I finally had to talk to the manager to get him to order me one. If you want one, there are some still left in the US. I am expecting mine to arrive on Monday!
  3. Yes! One time I was in LV and started naming all the bags by name - the SA got this strange look in her eye and asked how I knew so much! I just said something about elux, then toned it down a little.:P
  4. hahaha I love these stories, I like to test them too...I said to one of teh female staff "I like that damier keepall more than the ribera" and she was like "??" hahaha
  5. Last time I was in LV, the SA kept calling Damier "checkerboard." And I had my Saleya right there with me. Once I asked for a DAMIER agenda to look at, she figured out that I knew the line, and began to use the correct terms. I think they do that because, to tell the truth, many LV customers actually do not know the names of these products like we do.
  6. Yes, when I went to put my name down on the wait list for the mirroir collection I also put myself down for the groom round purse and asked about the pastilles and Damier Azur.
    My SA asked me how I knew so much about the new lines as the other SA in the store had never even seen the Damier Azur and he only knew about these things because he'd just been on training at LV Paris.

    ooh and when I spoke to LV customer services (phone) abou the Damier Azur they tried to convince me that there was no such collection
  7. I'm sure they have more formal training on authentications and the such so.. I guess I'd have to Socrates it - I know nothing, except that. I can't claim to know more on everything. :yes:
  8. I expect that a SA for a luxury product line would know their stuff inside and out and wouldn't be set loose in a store without training and testing. Plain and simple.

    That said, no one can know everything unless they've been in the field for years. A proper SA graciously and quickly researches a question if he/she isn't sure about something.

    I've heard so many good, bad and ugly LV boutique stories that my head's gonna be swimming when I (finally!) set foot in my own local store! For now, it's elux :wlae: .
  9. I wonder what the annual retention rate is for LV SAs. How many of these SAs work in the boutiques for, let's say, one, two, or even five years or more. Yes, it would be fun getting the discounts and being around the lovely handbags, but it is a job that has its downfalls. Being on one's feet all day and having to work nights and weekends, and finally, dealing with the public. Not everyone is as nice as all of us on this forum are.:graucho:
  10. I totally know more then any SA in LV I have ever dealt with, with maybe the exception of my store manager who is really good! They are clueless most of them. I always said I could walk behind the counter and begin selling immediately.
  11. Same with me! I think it's so sad sometimes....I worked in retail for a long time and most of it was in cosmetics. I made sure I knew EVERYTHING about the line I worked for, that is afterall part of any sales position, right?!?!:shrugs:
  12. Yeah...kinda do, I even had my SA tell me that once...and calling 866 is a PITA...I would have to call 3 other stores to actually confirm what 866 tells me and even then it's proven wrong...
  13. The small leather goods Mgr. at SCP told me he was "so proud of me" for knowing about every new piece coming out. More than the floor staff knew. We had a great time talking about all the new lines & the limited pieces coming out.
    TPF, don't go shopping without it! I love this place.
  14. Yes, this place is great. I have learned so much in the last six months.
  15. I'm certainly no expert but it annoys me when I ask about new lines that I've seen on here and they look at me blankly. I would expect that LV SA's get updates all the time, via email etc.
    Once the SA was shocked that I was asking to see bags by their name and goes "you have very good knowledge of LV".:lol: