Do you know if the Med Cambon tote has the key ring holder?

  1. I see some Med Cambon tote has the key ring holder and some are not. Just wondering, is this something that in the newer totes have it and older totes one don't have? or is the key ring holder always have in the Cambon tote.
  2. I have a Cambon tote.....I never know what size I have, this always confuses me. I know theres a size smaller then mine, and then there's a much larger one too. If there are only 3 sizes, I have the medium!!! My bag measures 9 1/2 inches tall....and it does have that long strip of leather with the lobster claw on the end of it...I had to go look, I didn't remember this bag having it...I guess I never used that feature!!!
  3. I have a cambon medium tote and it does have a key holder, very useful:yes:
  4. Yeah, I have a medium tote and it does not have key holder. I feel it would be very helpful. The bag I have came out in 2004, so I don't if the newer bags have it, but not the older one. Any information is very appreciated.