Do you know if the 2007 cities have bigger handles?

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  1. or is that just for giant hardware? do the normal hardware 2007 cities have bigger handles? if so i would want to exchange my 2006 for a 2007! :smile:
  2. i haven't heard about the cities...i thought the 07 work does have longer handles so we can finally put it over our shoulder
  3. oooh that is good. :yes:
  4. I didn't think the handles went smoothly on the shoulder and I have a petite frame on top, I have an 07!!
  5. The handles on your new TDF black City will stretch eventually so you'll be able to wear it on your shoulder even more comfortably. :heart:
  6. Ty!

    using my bag today!
  7. oh noooo...i like the handles just the way they are!! :sad:
  8. I tried on a 07 black city and the handles feel the same to me.