do you know how long capers last in the fridge? How about Marsala wine?

  1. Hi Cooks-

    I wanted to make either Chicken Marsala or Chicken Piccata tonight. I had made these about a month and a half ago and was wondering if the capers or Marsala wine in the fridge was still good? If anyone knows, please share!

  2. The capers should be good for 4-6 weeks after opening kept in the fridge.
    The Marsala should last at least a month. The best way is to just try a little of it. If you can't notice any difference, then it'll be fine especially for cooking purposes.
  3. Thanks Adriane!
  4. Uh oh. I keep my capers for like a year!!!! But they're in brine, so doesn't that make them nearly impossible to destroy?
  5. My capers usually last a couple of months in the fridge.
    And as for the Marsala, I'd say a couple of months as well....just give em a whiff and go from there.
  6. Honestly, capers keep forever. I have a huge jar that has been in my fridge for about 6 months. And we use a lot of capers.