Do you know any store or designer make cute clothes?

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  1. I asked my younger cousin who is 23 what she wants for her birthday, and she said "cute clothes." I am thinking a dress or a coat with girly bows or ruffles. Do you know a designer or a store sells lots of cute girly clothes?
  2. I am 26 and I LOVE Anthropologie. Also, I noticed that jCrew has a lot of girly stuff with bows and sequins right now.
  3. ANTHROPOLOGIE for sure! You will find ruffles galore in that store! :heart:
  4. Anthropologie for sure! cuteness and ruffles a plenty!
  5. Agreed with Liya .. You will get everything you want
  6. Topshop and Intermix!
  7. Betsey Johnson
    Juicy Couture
    J Crew
    H&M, Zara, F21 (depending on your budget)
  8. Juicy
  9. I think Anthropologie is a good choice - the clothes are feminine while still being wearable/adult.
  10. Antropologie for sure! I'm 20 years old and absolutely love that store.
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    aquahot, top shop! I am your cousin's age and I love bows and ruffles so I know where she's coming from. I buy stuff from TopShop from time to time. Price is very agreeable and the styles are very cute. The size 2(their smallest size) is"okay" on me..could be a bit tighter, but if you cousin is small too, I'd recommend that brand!


    I picked out some things your younger cousin might like!

    *Meadow Lace Tunic

    *Dobby Stripe Embroidered Cami

    *Lurex Tunic

    *Knitted Beaded Lace Shoulder

    *Lace Trim Blouse

    *Frill Hip Dress

    *Knitted Chain Cardi
  12. another vote for anthropologie!
    i'm 20, and this store is absolutely perfect for the "cute" look! lots of cute ruffles, bows, and girly/classy clothing!
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