Do you know about Kira?

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  1. So I went to my local boutique store yesterday and as I was checking out the super cute new fall shoes, the stock boy brought out an absolute treasure! The bag is called Kira apparently, and comes in green, brown, and blue (they were nice enough to bring out all colors for me)! If any of you remember the Miranda and Francine from a few seasons ago, this is the newest version of those bags that is TDF!!! Oh how I cannot wait to get paid next friday .... hehehe. The bag is $898, so its not exactly a spontaneous purchase but worth every penny! Has anyone else come across this beauty?
  2. I haven't heard of her but then again I'm not in the loop like most on here!
  3. I want to see the new bags so bad!
  4. I've never heard of it, but if she's anything like my Miranda I'm sure I'll love her!
  5. Wowza! While I would gladly fork over that kind of money if I had it, I just don't have it. I will have to hope and pray it makes it to the outlet.

  6. Please tell usmore! was kira the same size as miranda? and what color did you like best? The green sounds nice! does she have a strape like the francine?
  7. That's the problem... I cannot decide which color I like best! The green is very pretty, almost like a kelly green (but I think maybe a little light for all year round), the blue is beautiful (similar in color to the blue miranda), i think im leaning towards the mahogany because it is such a rich brown. And yes, not only does Kira have the strap like Francine.... it is the braided/twisted leather long crossbody strap similar to that of the inlaid sabrina/julianne from the fall! I think Kira is the same size as miranda, but lighter weight for its not that hard, stiff leather miranda had and the leather has almost like a quilted/stitched diamond weave to it (if that makes any sense)! haha
    This bag will be the death of me! ahh
  8. Is there any pic's I so want a Francine and if this bag is like that I a so in...
  9. My Kira is arriving this week! It is a gorgeous bag in ALL colors, so this is one that I will likely have multiples of.

    No bag yet, so no pics, sorry. But just like buildabridge has described it reminds me of the Miranda silhouette. However, it's a softer body and the double handles can be worn on the shoulder. The long single strap is twisted-puffy-leather like the handles on the Inlaid Julianne & Inlaid Sabrina. It also has a gorgeous luggage-style tag in the matching leather color that has a brass plate attached with the Horse & Carriage logo! The body of the bag is made of large diamond shapes subtly stitched together!

    Yeh, I'm excited about Kira!!!
  10. Can't wait to see pics!
  11. I can't wait to see it!!!:woohoo:
  12. It sounds like a great bag! Please post when you get her what color did you get? It sounds like bag I would be very interested in since I just got the studded sabrina in espresso I think I would be interested the blue or green! Have you seen these IRL coachgrl to make up your mind!
  13. I think you will want this one! I saw the colors in person, and ordered Blue but I see Green in my future! I will post pics when She arrives!
  14. I saw these today at the boutique, they brought all 3 colors out when I asked about Kira. They would have sold me one today. They have Gray and Bordeux listed as colors in the book, but the SA said they haven't been made yet so they don't have those colors yet and she said maybe by Sept. those colors would be available. The blue was gorgeous, like a cobalt blue.

    They aslo had a new satchel type bag (I forgot the name) with 2 straps and a turnlock closure on top, it came in a green called Ivy, black/black patent, brown and I think gray.

  15. Those are the garnet I did see the grey and Ivy they brought them out from the back when I was at my coach store and they are really cute bags! So many new bags coming out for the new floor set to drool over! Now which ones!:graucho: