Do you know a good bedroom/bathroom designer?

  1. Hi I am considering to remodel my master bedroom with bathroom and wonder if you know any good designers and construction workers that you recommend? My budget is approx $10,000. I submitted an application to HGTV and my bedroom comes second and didn't get a renovation. Thanks for your help!!
  2. I work with a designer but I'm in San Francisco. I think your best bet is to ask for recommendations or even go to your local Home Depot or Lowe's because they do remodels. In all honesty your budget is a bit small, the last time I did a bathroom only (total gut) it was around $20K. It will really depend on what you're keeping and what you're ripping out.
  3. Lori is right on pricing, especially in LA.
    Bathrooms are costly to remodel.
  4. I see!!! Thanks for sharing!! So I need to up my budget then...........
  5. Unfortunately bathrooms and kitchens are extremely costly to remodel. But if you are able to do demo work yourself you can save some cash that way.
  6. There should be plenty of things you could do yourself to save money and stick to your budget. I've seen it on TV. Lol. Like removing the old carpet-floor, painting job, light, closet, etc.