Do you kiss your dog?

  1. I searched and didn't find a thread about this.

    So, do you?
  2. I kiss my dogs ALL the time. (My husband says they get more love than he does)! I have two German Shepherds and when I say "Give me a "smoo", they come over and kiss me. Despite what people say about "dogs mouths", I have never gotten sick or caught a germ from my dogs kisses!! They are my kids and I love them dearly!!!!:heart::heart:
  3. yes, I kiss my dogs everyday.
  4. Everyday :smile:

    I gave her a HUGE smooch yesterday because we had just picked her up from boarding...she had a hurt shoulder and I felt SO bad leaving her to go on vacation...but she's all better now!
  5. everyday!:yes: and my kitty too. and any animal I work with that its safe to do so! (but don't tell anyone!):lol:
  6. Daily. :smile:
  7. All the time, though they kiss me more! 2 Chihuahuas means lots of clamoring to to get kisses. SO or I can sit on the sofa after we have just gotten home and just be mauled with licking puppies, lol, it's great!
  8. yep, so does my mom. but both my dad and my DF think it's yuckie.
  9. No dog, so no. But I kiss my kitty on top of his little head :heart:
  10. nopes, i don't.
  11. I kiss my bunny rabbit! My dad thinks it's disgusting.
  12. Yes - Yes - Yes :smile:

    But, I don't let them lick me..I just kiss the tops of their noses!!
  13. yes i do! because Cassie Mae is a bulldog, she has this little perfectly flat place on the middle of her forehead, and i kiss her right there. the kissy noise confuses her a little, you gotta be quick or she'll whack you in the chin with her big boney head because she's trying to look up to see what's going on.
  14. I probably kiss Gracie 20 times a day. But who could resist kissing something this cute!

  15. All the time, and my cats too!:heart: