Do you keep your used agenda refills...

  1. after the year is over? I have always used my agendas (not LV) as diaries that I like to keep and look back at even years later. For example I still have my agendas from high school!

    I was wondering how you keep your used LV refills because it would be more awkward to keep and look back at without a coil at the side.
  2. YES, I put them in my folder that i keep paid bills in.

    Never know when I might need to retract something.
  3. i keep mine too, just never know when you might have to refer to something
  4. Awww I still have my HS agendas and I LOVE to look back on them.

    those were the days.....

    I may keep them....but I have so much stuff around the house that i may toss them
  5. I keep mines too!
  6. Exactly, keep them in a storage binder that you can buy at Staples or just rubberband them and put them away - again, you may need to refer to it even if it is years from now.
    I have back from 1995 and on
  7. How do you keep the pages together and in the right order?
  8. Go to an office supply store and get some of the binder rings. Then you can put the ring through the hole. That's what I do with mine (although this is the first year I have used the LV ones)
  9. Keeping them is a nice record of your life. Sometimes I'll go back & read what I was doing on today's date years ago; kinda cool! :supacool:
  10. I usually keep them for a year for reference.
  11. echo...I keep mine too, almost like a mini diary. I love to look back once in awhile, especially back to when DH and I started dating...ack 16 years ago! But it does bring it back, where we went, when I met his parents, etc.