Do you keep your qees on your bags??

  1. I have a question for you Toki you keep your quess on your bags and wallets or ports when you use them?? And do you keep them wrapped in the plastic??
  2. Hell no, I took the plastic right off. I think it looks ugly with a plastic wrapper on.

    I'm gonna take it off the bags once I score some metallic qees, and put it on my toki shelf. :heart:
  3. i keep most of my qees on unless i take em off and I'm too lazy to put them back on but that only happened w/ my scuola. my canguro, denaro, and carmellina don't have theirs tho

    I take off the plastic since I have so many and I don't mind if he's beaten. it's better that he's only being hanged rather than hanged and suffocated in my opinion :lol:
  4. Lol. He's suffocated anyway since he's hanging from his neck.
    Totally cruel.
  5. I keep my qees on everything but my denaros. And I use one of those qees as my keychain, since I always have to have matching keychains as well as wallet and bag. The remainder of my denaro qees are in my underwear drawer - still. *lol*
  6. haha true... but if he falls fast enough his neck just breaks! that's the best he can hope for :yes: so he might not even be suffocating

    but yeah iono it seems like the bag is just being taken for a short test drive and doesn't actually "belong" to the person if they keep the baggie on the qee. It makes it look like they're going to return it soon IMO or if you walk around the store w/ the plastic like they took it right off the shelf and haven't paid yet :shrugs:
  7. I keep my qees on the bags and i take off the plastic. I don't keep them on my caramella or my denaros's kinda irritating lolz. I've given away 2 of my qees though hahaah. My mom has one and my cousin has another lol.
  8. I dont use my qees. In fact I sell them on eBay since I never use them!
  9. I keep them on but I feel guilty every time I open a new one... it's like instant I'm even sometimes happy when the bag is already off when I buy them or when they arrive in the mail...(as long as they're not scratched)

    Am I weird?
  10. I take the plastic right off and keep them on the bag. It's kind of a hassle taking off the qees, I'm afraid of scratching and destroying the leather!
  11. I actually just take of the qee itself but the keyring stays on the bag. It isn't obstructive or anything to the bag and it doesn't scratch it!
  12. I keep mine hanging on my bags without the plastic bags of course....
  13. I do the same thing. I tried keeping the qee on a couple, but it just kind of annoyed me, so I took it off. Leaving the key ring on the bag and just removing the qee works out better than trying to remove the whole thing.
  14. Keeping the plastic wrap on would be as tacky as leaving the price tag on. (JMO of course!)

    I take the qees of my caramella, denaros and portas buthave so far left them on everything else. I used one qee as a key chain for my spare truck key. The others are lined up across my dresser having a parade!
  15. I leave the rings on if I take the qee off. I take the qee off of all my small accessories because it gets in the way of using it. I've left the qee on some of my bags and not on others...don't know why!:shrugs: I really don't like the flower qees that much. I don't think they add much to the bag at all. And if I leave it on, I definitely take the baggie off of it. :p

    The bags I charge/sent from Macy's didn't have bags on the qees. Either one! And both of the price tags had been taped back they were both returns! I'll be curious to see if the ones I ordered from .com will have the bags on the qees.:confused1: