Do you keep your dustbags??

  1. I see you ladies showing your collections with dustbags all neatly folded underneath - do you all keep your dustbags?? I am so bad - I throw mine out along with the packaging and reciepts and everything! I find that if I keep my bags in dustbags I forget I have them!!!

    so let's see who keeps them and who doesnt - I know I cant be the only one who doesnt keep dustbags!!
  2. OMG, you should at least sell them.:P

    I keep all of mine, and use them daily for storing my bags.
  3. I keep my dustbags! It's how I store my purses. I even stuff my purses when they're not being used so that they keep their shape. Then when the bag's being used, the stuffing goes in the dustbag.
  4. I keep mine.
  5. what do you mean sell them???
  6. I keep mine (store my bags in them).
  7. Oh yea I do!!! I keep them to store bags and then some of the ones from older bags I use to carry my vitamins in when I travel. Haha!

  8. sell your dust bags....people will buy. :nuts:
  9. I keep all mine and store my bags in them when they're not used.
  10. People will buy them on eBay.
  11. I dont have much, but I would think keeping the dustbags might come in handy just to keep them in good condition and storage I guess.
  12. Yup, just like Wicked, I stuff all of my purses and store them in the original dust bag. I think it really makes a huge difference in keeping the bags looking new!
  13. i keep them...
  14. I store my purses in them when not in use and store bags that don't have dustbags in my extra ones if I can source any! :biggrin:

  15. you're right, when they're in the dust bag, I tend to forget about them. And one day I will be digging in my closet and find it sitting in the corner. But I still put them in the dust bag because I am so paranoid that it will get scratched somhow
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