Do you keep track of what your kids check out of the library?

  1. I remember there being something about parents being able to monitor what their kids are checking out.

    I think that might be a bit much. At least children are reading and it's not like the library stocks porn or anything.
  2. I'd be much more worried about what they see on the internet frankly. On the library not so much. I don't think there are books that could do that much damage to kids. At least not the short time they might spend in a library.
  3. my parents didn't. but the school librarian at the swedish school took it upon herself to monitor what my brother was reading - she thought it was far too difficult for him to be reading such adult books and refused to let him check them out (they were history books, he was six). :roflmfao: :rolleyes:

    he came home, furious, and sat down and read the telephone directory in protest.
  4. well i think you should kepe track of how many books they check out and not really the content (let them have a little freedom at least they are reading)

    check the quantity of books they are checking out though.. since you don't want to pay any massive overdue fees
  5. My mom always went with me on Thursdays after school to check out books. Then when we had library days at school, I always showed her what I got.
    But then again those were the days when things were a bit safer for kids.
  6. I was allowed to read age appropriate stuff when younger, but by the time I was 11 or so I was allowed to read what I wanted.

    My son occasionally checks out books that I don't like (i.e Captain Underpants - I think those books are stupid and disrespectful) but I let him know the reason I have my opinion. I don't want it to be something for him to yearn after and say his mother doesn't let him read...anyway at his age it would be something silly not something 'adult'.
  7. my mom usually took me to the library herself because i'd borrow too many books to carry on my own. she usually let me pick half of the books and she picked half. obviously she chose all the "newbury" medal ones (i think thats what its called) and i'd prefer picture/ romance 19th century novels =) Little Women! Pride and Prejudice!
  8. I actually buy all my daughters books.I dont like going to the library..its far from us and a hassle.She has quite the book collection and adores reading.I totally trust her choices.She is very mature for her age and would never choose anything inappropriate
  9. I had a card that worked like a credit card in bookstores and I could spend up to $700 at once which my parents later paid as I've never liked the hassle of libraries etc. However, even though my parents let me read pretty much what I want, I'm not sure if I'd want to buy for example Kama Sutra on that account, lol.
  10. I was going to make a point about children not reading anything too mature for them.

    But, if you think about it, wouldn't it be a good thing if your 10-year-old wanted to read Ethan Frome?

    The library and the bookstore would have some sort of control, so they wouldn't sell to your child (or let them check out) like someone said before me, The Kama Sutra or Madonna's Sex Book, or something.
  11. I think the thing is, you shouldn't shelter kids too much. You want them safe, but you don't want them to be naive.

    At the same time, you don't want them to know so much at such a young age that when they say something, people look at them like, "How do you know THAT!?!?!"
  12. My mom got the shock of her life when she sat me down to tell me the facts of life when I was maybe 10+ and I told her "Don't worry I know all that!" I'd actually been reading Dr Spock so at least I got good scientific info!