Do you keep the Gustto tag on the purse?

  1. I just started wearing my Gustto Baca bag in Caramel. I am really excited about it. I had a minor snafu the other day when I got pen on the bag, but I got the pen out and used leather conditioner...Anyway, are you supposed to remove the little extra piece that says GUSTTO on it? I don't know what the "rules" are for these bags. I don't feel like enough people know what it is or isn't (it's not like Prada, Gucci, etc....) but at the same time I don't want to be tacky. Help!!!!!
  2. Mine is still hanging on it. I did think about taking it off but it seems "part" of the bag. It really doesn't matter to me whether it's there or not. I guess it's a matter of preference.
  3. Thanks. Is your name Lexie or Alexa? My daughter is Alexa. We love that name! She just turned one, though..... :smile:
  4. My name is Lexie...and I am an old woman...LOL No one had my name when I was growing up. But now there are Lexie's everywhere. My Grandfather's name was Alexander. I know one woman in my age group (44) that has my name.
  5. I know a woman by the name of Alexa in her 50s in Chicagoland, and she said the same thing. Your parents gave you a great, timeless name. We love it and we love not only Alexa (our daughter) but Lexie & Lex. It's a great name!
  6. Yea but, during the Star Wars Fervor I got called Lex Luther alot. It sounded so manly...Ugh. Then there is a Lexan Plastic. I do get called Lex alot but my whole family and Friends call me Lexie.
  7. I took off the Gustto tag and put it in the inside pocket. I think it looks funny and doesn't seem to hang right. I think they would be better off doing a zipper pull logo or none at all. That's just my opinion, man. :smile:
  8. i left it on i love it hehe i tied it a little dif tho so it would lay flatter and stay on better!! :smile:

    AND how did you get pen ink out of the leather!!! that sounds like a trick i need to knoW! :smile:
  9. I used a magic eraser. That was a BAD idea b.c. it lifted some of the color (this was on the second day wearing it). Then I used a dab of alchohol. Then I used the coach leather conditioner. Now you don't notice it and I feel like the oil from my hand will bring the color back out since it's caramel. It was a basic nightmare, but my husband says you can't tell. Thank G-D.