Do you keep the boxes?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    As im sorting through my bags I realize I am running out of room to store them. I have been keeping them in the boxes they came in. Do you keep the boxes or just the dust covers? :smile:
  2. I keep both. However once my wall unit is finished, they will be out for the world to see.
  3. the only boxes I keep are Coach and LV. I've never received a box from anyone else (and can't afford Hermes yet!)
  4. I love the hardboxes my LV's and Chanel comes in so I keep them. I keep the bags in their dust bags, too. Since I don't have a huge collection, I guess storage is not a problem yet, hehehe.
  5. i only keep the dustbags. all the boxes i have are from LV, and in the end i got so many that i just sold them.
  6. both! i keep my bag inside the dustbag and that inside the box!! i love taking care of my bags :smile:
  7. Yes my cat loves sleeping in them with lots of tissue.
  8. I keep my bags on only dust covers, but on my top shelves in my closet, I stack my empty LV boxes (hard ones only) for my eyes to enjoy!:tender:
  9. I keep everything!! Not that I have loads - also if I ever decide to sell any I think it helps :smile:
  10. I keep mine in tehir dustbags inside their boxes so I can stack them.

    I'm not a collector though, and I have a big closet so it's not an issue for me.
    If I collected them I'd maybe put 2 of the same brand in a box if they fit.
  11. i keep them, but i dont have alot that gets in my way.
  12. I don't keep the boxes, just the dust bags. I like to be able to easily access my purses.
  13. I keep the boxes but I have yet to find a use for them. They accumulate in a dusty corner of my room and they're an eye sore.
  14. Could some one please post the box photos? I was always wondering how do they look... (More photos the better).
  15. I keep both the boxes and dustcovers. I keep my bags in the dustcovers and store them in the open boxes(lids off).
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