Do you keep the box your purse came in or throw it out?

  1. I keep mine! I'm surprised to see so many bags being sold without the boxes on Ebay (99%!)... I guess the bags have probably changed hands many times and lost their boxes.
  2. I keep the boxes just in case I decide to sell it. I figure the new owner would like the box too.... The weird thing is that I have yet to sell a bag. I tend to give them away to charity instead and hope it makes someone's day.
  3. I always keep them!
  4. I keep them. However, not all of mine came with boxes. I couldn't believe when I bought my Speedy 30 at an LV store they did not put it in a box. She just put it in the sleeper bag and put it in a LV shopping bag. Very disappointing. Neiman Marcus does this as well. I've bought Balenciagas from the, a Mulberry bag, etc. and none of them came in a box. What gives???
  5. i keep them. makes it look really nice to have original everything in case you do want to sell. i actually have a hard time throwing boxes away.
  6. 50% of the time I have to ask for the box. If you go back, they're usually nice about just giving you a box. Although Burberry wasn't!
  7. I keep them, as well as any tags and receipts, just in case I'd like to sell the bag one day. I've kept my LV shopping bags, just because I like the way they look :shame: :lol:
  8. i keep the boxes/tags/receipts/bags/etc. in case I end up selling the item.

    i also use my lv boxes for storage around my home office...i keep paper work in the box my popincourt came in, i keep larger items, like envelopes, labels, and special paper in the box my duomo came in. in the box my mc pmbv came in, i keep post-its.
  9. I keep the bags too. People are actually selling bags on ebay!
  10. Whatever comes in a box, I keep in the box. However, the Marc Jacobs bags that I bought from Nordstrom didn't come in a box and I'm a little dissappointed about that.
  11. Out of the million bags that I've bought, I only have two boxes--MJ and Dior, and I've kept both. Yeah, I've bought lots of Chloe, MJ, etc. and the dept. stores haven't sent boxes. Only with my Stam that I got from BG did I get a box.
  12. I keep my boxes and bags.
  13. I just love the boxes especially LVs so I keep them and use them e.g; for my jewelery (the small wallet boxes). That's why I ordered at Net-A-Porter because they give you the black box.
  14. always keep all my bag's boxes.....i've got a pretty big's really satisfying to see them all in my closet!!
  15. I think I only have one box from LV (my husband gave me that bag as a gift, so they put it in the box for him at the store). I don't bother with boxes when I buy bags myself - they take up too much space in my closet and I HATE clutter!!!