Do you keep the Blue Protective Plastic on your Chanel bags and other products?

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Do you keep the blue protective plastic on your Chanel?

  1. Yes, I keep it

  2. No, I remove it

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I searched the forum and I could not find any specific posts or threads that answered this question. So, I thought why not start a thread since everyone has there own reasoning as to whether or not they keep the blue protective plastic on their Chanel's hardware.

    Some people believe it protects the hardware, while others think it may rust. But what do you think?

    Post your thoughts and opinions below! :smile:
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  2. I take all the plastic off. Life is too short to worry about the hardware on a handbag. Just use it and have fun! I don't think a little piece of plastic protects the hardware that much anyways.
  3. I pull it off and LOVE doing so! Somehow I don't feel like it's truly mine until I remove plastic protectors! I do the same thing with electronics and appliances etc! I look forward to it actually. Maybe I'm weird but I love removing the plastic and getting to the untouched new metal etc. Once I remove the plastic it seems like it's officially mine!
  4. I tend to keep it on until it drops off by itself. Love to keep the hardware scratch free for as long as possible :P
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  5. I take it off, I don't like carrying blue hardware [emoji16]
  6. If there's a way I can maintain the stickers inside without anyone seeing them inside, I leave them on and take off the ones on the outside.

    For example, on the GST, I've left the stickers on the grommets on the inside of the back but took of the 4 on the outter parts of the bag.
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  7. Actually I don't recall seeing the blue protective plastic on my bags even though they were supposed to be new pieces from the backroom, but in any case I would have taken them off :smile:
  8. Remove
    It's ugly to using it
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  9. I tend to remove it. On my H bags however I tend to forget about it until it drops by itself, lol.
  10. Its extremely hard for me to remove the blue film!!!
  11. I take it off for sure... That's like leaving tags on your jacket to me lol. It's not officially mine and usable until its all off!
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  12. I take the outer ones off but I leave the ones inside until it falls off.
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  13. Leaving the blue stickers on is like leaving the plastic wrap on for the sofa. To each his/her own. Do whatever you feel most comfy with.
  14. I take mine off if not it looks weird to me.
  15. I take it off but l do keep it with all the packaging that the bag came with. I think if you decide to sell the bag later it's nice to include it for the new buyer to have.
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