Do you keep tags and auth cards in zipper?

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  1. Am I just weird, or do people keep their care cards, tag, and authenticity card inside the inner zipper? Every single one of my Marc Jacobs bags have their little envelope in there with all the cards and tags. Who else does this? :smile:
  2. Yes, I do that with all my bags...its just keep them safe and sound for when I sell!
  3. I do that too! If I didn't, they would get lost.
  4. Nah, not me. All my bags' tags are in the boxes or dustbags the bag came in.
  5. I keep all mine in box. I take pic of the bag and put the cards, authencity cards in each of there slots. call me alittle to orgaized. that way when i sell i have all the stuff that goes with.
  6. I do this too so everything stays together.
  7. I do too, and sometimes even the receipts for the strangest reasons (with my credit info blurred out of course) :wacko:
  8. yup I keep them in a zipper.
  9. I do that too!!
  10. I do the same thing!
  11. I keep mine in a manila envelope all clipped together with receipt and care card and name of bag. I like the photo option too though. good idea

    So most of you just leave it in the bag when you are using them then?
  12. If I use the bag very often, as I do, I have placed them in the envelope in the dustbag.
  13. you are not alone- me too
  14. yes and no. during storage i do to prevent them from getting crumpled up, but if I'm using the bag I keep them in the dust bag. I loose stuff and wouldn't want to lose those in case I ever wanted to resell.
  15. I just don't keep them at all, just the receipt which I keep for 2 years because that's the time I have warranity on all goods in Germany and that's it. but I have to admitt I don't sell my bags