Do you keep shoes/ bags boxes or shopping bags??

  1. I am thinking to build a shoes and handbags closet.
    I used to keep all my designer boxes and handbags to store the items that I don't use. Since I decide to get a closet to display all the shoes in the bags on the shelf. I was thinking what should I do with bags and boxes. Half I want to keep for future when I decide to sell the bags that I don't use much plus I also think it took me hard to collect them.
    What do you do with designer boxes and shopping bags when you build your closet?
  2. I keep:

    Sometimes bag boxes (though not to store bags);

    Usually shoes (when not in current rotation or as yet unworn);

    Always scarf boxes (though heaven knows why :rolleyes: I don'y keep most of my scarves in them and I don't re-sell scarves);

    Always SLG and accessory boxes;

    Never shopping bags (unless it's a ltd edition or special). In fact sometimes I ask not to be given one in stores if whatever is in a small box or pouch anyway;

    Always dust-bags and pouches.
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  3. I keep everything :smile: I think of it in terms of reselling - there are people willing to pay more money for your listing if all the "accessories" are included, and it's good to earn money off of extras that were "free" to begin with.
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  4. I keep all my boxes for bags and slg’s and I store them in the loft, which is boarded and practically habitable. Although I never intend to sell any items there are occasions when I need to downsize to make way for new things and I always like to include all original packaging in this instance.
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  5. I keep everything and store my items in their original boxes :smile:
  6. I keep most boxes & all dust bags. I never keep shopping bags.
    I just had my closet built out & put my nicer boxes on the very top of my shelves.
  7. I keep all dust bags and nicer small leather goods boxes, but not shoe boxes and bag boxes. For smaller evening bags that I do not use often, I keep them all in a box and put it on the highest shelf of my wardrobe.
  8. I keep boxes for bags and shoes but I do keep a lot of them in their boxes with pictures or labels outside so I know what's in a box. I use the carrier bags to hold recycling things as the paper bags themselves are recyclable.
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  9. I'm not sure if it's good to keep leather items in boxes as leather needs to breath. Can someone enlighten me?
  10. I display my shoes on their racks, but keep the dust bags in a hidden bin for travel. I only use the shoe dust bags for travel. The boxes for my nicest shoes (i.e. certain Manolos, CL, etc.) are all in a box in my attic. I don't keep boxes for non-designer or lesser designer shoes (i.e. SW, Prada, Ferragamo, etc.). I've never sold anything, but I like to keep the boxes for the best shoes just in case.

    Some of my purses are on display with the dust bags inside of them for structure. Sometimes, I put tissue in the dust bag for a little extra support. A few purses (the really good ones) are kept in their dust bags on the display shelf. I keep my Hermes bags in their boxes, but I'm not sure why and I'll probably stop doing that soon.
  11. I don't keep shopping bags. I refuse to take take them most of the time.

    I keep all dust bags.

    I have kept...I think a total of three bag boxes (all LV). One large one and my two boxes from my SLGs.

    I don't store any items in them (not good for the items in long term). I just use the large box to store dust bags when they aren't in use as well as my receipts from bags. The two SLG boxes store my tiny dust bags, and they are so small they don't take up any space.

    I recycle all other bags and boxes. To me they just look cluttered and keep things less accessible. Too much “stuff” for me. Sometimes I let my cat play with a box for a few weeks before I send it to recycling.

    I don’t generally resell on the "preloved market", but I remember seeing in another thread on here most actually don't care if items aren't sold with their original boxes anyway and ask shipper not to include or they throw them out (and sellers of counterfeits can still get boxes, so it is not like a box = authentic). Only exception might be SLGs, if I recall some prefer to buy SLGs with boxes. I personally will not pay a premium for a box, or the more expensive shipping!
  12. The boxes made of paper are breathable, if you must. I don't keep shoes which are currently being worn in boxes. They are on display. But when the season is finished then they are aired, polished and then put into their original boxes until the next season. Bags pretty much follow the same, but shorter rotation cycles.
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  13. I currently carry Bottega Veneta bags exclusively. I keep most everything. Dustbags get stored, as I keep my bags on their shelves. BV shoes stay in their boxes. Boxes are used for storage of dustbags, receipts, non BV scarves, other boxes, Christmas ornaments, etc. Occasionally, I toss a few...
  14. I thought that also but I have several leather shoes brand new-never worn in their original boxes stored in my closet for close to 10 yrs. I was surprised to see they are still in same condition. I , however never store my bags in their boxes just inside their dustbag
  15. I keep shoes in their boxes just to organize them easily.
    Pretty much everything else is either used to store other items like Christmas Ornaments or tossed out.
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