Do you keep shoes/ bags boxes or shopping bags??

  1. I am thinking to build a shoes and handbags closet.
    I used to keep all my designer boxes and handbags to store the items that I don't use. Since I decide to get a closet to display all the shoes in the bags on the shelf. I was thinking what should I do with bags and boxes. Half I want to keep for future when I decide to sell the bags that I don't use much plus I also think it took me hard to collect them.
    What do you do with designer boxes and shopping bags when you build your closet?
  2. I keep:

    Sometimes bag boxes (though not to store bags);

    Usually shoes (when not in current rotation or as yet unworn);

    Always scarf boxes (though heaven knows why :rolleyes: I don'y keep most of my scarves in them and I don't re-sell scarves);

    Always SLG and accessory boxes;

    Never shopping bags (unless it's a ltd edition or special). In fact sometimes I ask not to be given one in stores if whatever is in a small box or pouch anyway;

    Always dust-bags and pouches.
  3. I keep everything :smile: I think of it in terms of reselling - there are people willing to pay more money for your listing if all the "accessories" are included, and it's good to earn money off of extras that were "free" to begin with.