do you keep records of your LV buys?

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  1. i fell like a dork i only have 4 pieces but i already have a spread sheet with what i paid, date codes, week made, current price and other such things.
    :woohoo: :P :sweatdrop:
  2. I thought about it.. but it would just be too scary to look at it later ! :shame:
  3. Nope, just keep the receipts in my fire proof box
  4. Not yet, but think its a great idea. Specially for me, as I tend to forget stuff quickly
  5. Record? No... but I do keep all of my receipts and stuff. Any purchase $100+, I keep the receipt for.
  6. nope, but i do keep all the boxes, ribbons, tags, and receipts that come with my bags...that way i can always reference later if i need to. the boxes and ribbons i keep just cuz i like them :smile:
  7. Nah, I've only kept the receipts for insurance reasons and some of the boxes for small accessories since they can be used to hold random stuff.
  8. No, just keep the receipts.
  9. Yup, I do! I keep a record in excel of what I bought, where/when/what price, and also where it was made and the date code. I like to be super-organized lol. Also have all my receipts and everything too.
  10. wow that is detailed. No i only keep receipts.
  11. Sort of...I'm not as organized as you though! I just keep track of when I buy something and the receipts. I just keep this as a note in my iphone. So, for example under January 2009 I list the Mono Roses Speedy as a purchase.

    Honestly, I'd be too scared to see the totals together like that! LOL
  12. I keep a record of sorts. I keep a wish list of items I want and when I get the item I move it to my LV Inventory list so i always have an updated list of what LV I own. I don't keep a record of what I paid, where, etc.
  13. lol me too! I have excel spread sheets on everything!! hehe :smile:
  14. Me too lol
  15. Yes, I have an excel spreadsheet for all of my LV purchases. Price paid plus tax, location, type of item, but I should add date code when I have time. I also keep all of the LV receipts and tags in a box.

    It's then easy to transfer LV items to the bottom of the spreadsheet for items that I've sold.

    It's very scary to see how much I've spent over the last 6 years that I've been buying LV but I use almost all of my items, so at least I'm getting my money's worth!!