Do you keep discontinued bags?

  1. All of my LV pieces have been discontinued. My Galliera GM, my Monty, Eva clutch, multicolore zippy, and Tivoli. I don’t know if these bags are still in style or out of date. Can anyone provide insight please? Do you keep discontued bags?
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  2. Do you only like bags if they haven't been discontinued? I'm not sure why being discontinued is necessarily a reason to get rid of them. Personally, I like it sometimes when items that I have are discontinued because if someone comments on liking it and wanting one like it, I can be like, "Too bad. It's discontinued. MWAH HA HA HA."

    I will say, though, that the multicolored items look TOTALLY dated.
  3. No, I just wantes to see if people kept their pieces or not. That’s funny you say that about the multicolore items, because my multicolore wallet is my favorite piece.
  4. I don't see a problem if you still like them! I agree MC bags are dated but I think SLG are fine. Like any other brand, styles are going to change over time. LV went through that gold nameplate phase and then they were over it and discontinued everything with those plates. You happen to have those styles, I think they still look nice and don't understand why they got rid of all of them, but so it goes.
  5. I keep my Eva DE, it's small, useful and needed, haven't seen any other new LV bags can replace it yet.
  6. Yes I keep them if I still like them and they're in good condition.
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  7. Yes all of my pieces are in excellent condition. I hardly use these bags, but enjoy having them. I want to keep them and pass them on if possible.
  8. I keep and buy anything I like. Recently I've been buying mostly pre-loved discontinued items as I am not particularly liking what is coming out. Multicolore items may be dated, but should I come across a SLG in excellent condition, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I really do not care what others think - it is my life, my items, my appearance.
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  9. Eventually, sooner or later all of the pieces will be discontinued, new lines will be released...
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  10. I personally think the monty is the only one that i would consider dated and would sell. Multi color bags are also dated (and hideous in my opinion, sorry to any owners!) but for some reason i love the slg’s
  11. All my LVs are either discontinued, limited editions or in a colour combo that is not available anymore. I think they are more exclusive and I enjoy carrying them because I don’t want to carry the same bag that someone else is rocking on their elbow. The main thing as already has been suggested in this tread, is to love the pieces you have, discontinued or not.
  12. Most of my LVs are discontinued. Do I care? Absolutely not. Would I sell them just because they are discontinued? Absolutely not. I sell items that I'm not reaching for anymore but that's usually because they have been replaced with something I use instead.
    Wear and carry what you like and enjoy; don't worry about what others might think.
  13. I keep what ever I like/love I do not mind if it is discontinued or not :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  14. I know the SLG’s are soooo cute.
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  15. I do love them. I do not believe in reselling so I plan on keeping them. I was just curious what others did. Or if it mattered that it was discontinued. Or if LV bags styles get old. Just wanted insight. I don’t buy LV too much anymore because I am not liking the new styles too much. I recently started buying more Chanel pieces.
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