Do you keep certain bags for sentimental reasons?

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  1. I ask this because I'm cleaning out my closets -- get rid of the old, upgrade a few things, and help my unused handbags find new homes. The list of things to be sold off is growing, but I can't seem to let go of this old Coach hobo from 4 years ago. It was the first real purse I bought for myself at the start of a fun job in my current industry. I haven't used it in in probably 3 years, and I've since acquired some amazing designer bags. But I'm having a hard time putting the listing together for it.

    Do you do this? If so, with what bag and why?
  2. When I feel the need to hang on to something I'm really never going to use again I take a photo and scrapbook it -maybe even a picture of me wearing or something like that. I did that with my kids ratty old baby quilts that my family hand tied (although I did cut off a tiny piece of each one to put on their page:rolleyes: ) It really does satisfy my need to keep the memory -yet make room for new additions. This has really helped me be less of a pack rat. Good luck:idea:
  3. I do. I have a khaki signature Coach demi bag that my father bought me for Christmas when I was 16. It was my first "real" bag. Even if I never use it again, I'll never be able to part with it.
  4. I'll always keep my mother's purses, but I can't seem to get rid of my old Speedy. It got stained somehow, and I haven't carried it in over 10 years, but it was the first bag I got when I worked in a high-end handbag department. Eventually I'll let it go, but I can't manage to quite yet.
  5. I do the same thing. I still have my first purse, which is small, stained, and even has a hole in it. But I can never work up the courage to throw it away; it's almost as if I'd be hurting my grandparents' feelings (they gave me the purse) by getting rid of it.
  6. I still can't get rid of the purse that I used on the day of my college graduation... I don't carry it anymore, but I had a memorable occasion with it and will never give it away.
  7. I have this Dolce and Gabbana clutch that I can't seem to let go. It just reminds me of the good times my girlfriends and I had when partying.
  8. I actually let go of a bag that had sentimental was my gold Hogan Scout, and it was very hard to part with! My son made it worse by reminding me that I carried that bag to several special occasions. Once I finally made it out of FedEx, I almost ran back in and asked for it back! But it has a lovely new home and if the new owner decides she no longer wants to use it, I get first choice to get it back! I only let it go because I have the same bag in yellow and the H-flap style in distressed brown, so I didn't think I would carry it much. But it was HARD! I still can't let my Hamptons Houndstooth Coach satchel go.