Do You Keep Bags You Rarely Use But Adore?


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Boca Raton, Fl
ok ladies.....what is it with me? i have about 4 bags in my Chanel family of 12 that i very rarely use but cannot bear to sell them..............i mean, the thought of parting with them wrenches my heart. Have any of you ever just kept purses around even though the fact that their main function has become just to look at, as well as the pride of ownership? i could get a few thousand dollars at least, but cannot stand the idea and have sellers regret even contemplating it! i realize this is not normal............and may even be a form of mental disease...:P
(of course, i do rotate these bags, so i do use them, just not often)

what do you do? help!


Where your BOSS at ?
Sep 7, 2006
yes yes yes yes, i am going through that now.. if i could part with them i could keep up and get the newest bags.. isnt it so hard ?????? Thinking I might just want to use it one more time.... I am gathering up a bunch now to buy something else..


What the VEEP?
Nov 28, 2006
at CrossFit
yep, doing that right now as a matter of fact. I can't decide if I want to keep a bag and exchange it for something else. I JUST KNOW that the second I return it, I'll find an occasion I'll NEED that bag. ugh! I hate it.


I Love DC
Nov 12, 2006
Northern VA
I have been agonizing over selling my Judith Leiber for about a year. It's the kind that is all crystals, so, I rarely use it (once or twice). The thing is, it was a gift so it has sentimental value. Also, I'd never buy one for myself. However, it cost $3,500 (4 years ago), and I hate to see it just sitting there, but I'd never get close to what it's worth if I sold it.


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
i am having that about an lv bag i have. i've used it twice but cannot bear to part with it because i paid so much and it has a real story behind it. there is one chanel i have that i am up in the air about but i figure i should give it more time. a few months ago i realized i should go through my bags and trim my collection. omg was it hard.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Yes, I feel your anguish! Last night I was staring at my khaki baby Cabas *with the tag still on* thinking, "If I return this it will pay for over half the new tote I want..." There is no way I will do it, I know myself too well!

You summed it up best with "Pride of Ownership". That's exactly what it is for me. I know if I return/sell some I may never get them back again. And I'm not liking Chanel's new styles, prices and workmanship.

My Nordstrom s/a went to market in NYC for the upcoming Cruise collection and said that come Cruise season, many of the bags will be $2800 and up and over $3K for totes.

I won't be adding anything new for fall and probably Cruise too with that new info. It's about time my current bags all get some love!


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
Dont worry! I have the same problem as you, in fact, more than 75% of my collection is just "show purses" since they usually just sit in the closet.

When I was talking to my mom about selling one of the purses that i love, she asked me "why sell if you dont need the money?"


Aug 26, 2006
Unfortunately, yes. I have many bags, not just Chanel, that are sitting pretty in my closet. :girlsigh: I love them all although some don't get much use. Oh well. My DH discourages me from selling for the fear of me having seller's remorse (which has already happened a few times before.) So for now they are staying put as I am not ready to part with them.


Apr 13, 2006
I buy many purses and never use them. I'm at point now that I try to make wise choices because I'm very impulsive. I think "pride of ownership" does it for me especially if it's a rare bag. I had a white Suhali Le Fab sold it and had seller's remorse. Guess what I purchased the same bag months later ... sad but true!


Feb 27, 2006
The problem with me is, I love bags - design, quality, aesthetic, the feel of nice leather - but I'm very practical, so the bags that get used most are the 'workhorse' bags. So my nicer, prettier or more limited pieces I leave... and they end up sitting in the closet! Maybe I just need to get out more...


Oct 9, 2006
I have a couple of bags I do not use but am scared to part with. eBay is frought with so many horror stories now that is would kill me to put a bag up and have a nightmare buyer. I no longer trust Paypal or all the chargeback stories I am hearing about. So I am keeping the bags for now. Likely their values will just go up and if you do need the money why ask for trouble?? I will wait for eBay to get better. I think alot of buyers hae been burned and prices are not so great too.



May 7, 2007
Ohh yes ... i have a lot of purses just sitting in the closet (not only premium designer labels), but I can´t part from any of them. They are my babies :rolleyes: I always think that I´ll use them some day, so I tend to hang on to them until that day comes.

About a month ago i went through my bag closet and found a big dark brown leather tote with strap that I nearly forgot i even owned. I bought it in Japan 2002 and used it for a brief moment until some new bag came along. It is however a really beautiful piece so i thougth that i´ll use it again. Now, a month later I´m loving it and use it everyday. It´s a great everyday workbag and I get tons of compliments for my "new" bag :P


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Boca Raton, Fl
oh thank you so much, my PF friends........your feedback has decided for me! you have all helped me so much and is just another reason why i love it here........My babies will remain with me...........the seller's regret would be as painful as a root canal, i just know it..........the baby animal flap is like my teddybear, so cute and cuddly (she was one of the 4 i was contemplating parting with) -- she's like a purse toy...........

and Roey, you and i think so alike :flowers: