Do you keep all your catalogs??

  1. I was just wondering what you do with your Coach catalogs?
    Do you throw them out? Or keep them to use as references for previous styles?
  2. I keep them. I wish I had the older ones. I just started buying Coach about 2 years ago...
  3. I keep them but i just started collecting them last summer. I think it would be great for future reference.
  4. I keep all of mine. I have a 2-year-old collection. Can't seem to part with them, even as I sell many of my bags! I just love the photography.
  5. I toss them. I dont like keeping things that I am not actively using, thats the OCD coming out in me :rolleyes:
  6. I keep them. I use them as a reference if I need to. And I like the photography!
  7. Ehhh, I kept them for a while and then they ticked me off for taking up so much space on my bookshelf that I chucked them all!
  8. I keep them. My Coach addiction is fairly new (about 1.5-2 years) and the earliest catalog that I know I have is last year's late summer/early fall. I'm sure I have older ones boxed up with some other junk as well.
  9. Yes! I've keep all of mine in my magazine bag. I've had all the ones except maybe 2 or 3 since 2003!
  10. Yes, In my nightstand drawer, they are my purse porn.:yes:
  11. I keep them discretely lining the shelves where I store my bags. I use them as reference for buying & selling to price and authenticate serial numbers.
  12. ^ Agreed. :p
  13. I keep all the ones that have the purses I ownin them , just in case I need to remember the name or something . I like to relfect in the catologs about how I saw it in the catolog and tracked it down and bought it , I am like a Coach Purse Stalker !
  14. Purse Porn :graucho: ! that is what it is , I now have a name for my dirty little habit !:graucho:
  15. Hilarious!