Do you keep all your bags or find yourself reselling?

  1. I notice that I tend to somewhat 'recycle' my one, use it a few times, then sell it, to fund something newer, more special. There are a few select bags I cannot part with, but I this a foolish habit? Or do any of you get tired of a bag/style after a bit and trade/sell/buy as well? :sad:
  2. I'm a stay at home mom so I just resell the ones I don't use. If I can afford a new bag without selling one I'll go for them. BTW My husband hates when I sell my bags, but I think is unfair for him to give me the bags I want while i have a couple sitting in the closet.
  3. It will sound strange, but i feel uncomfortable it i have more than 5 bags, because i know, i cannot use them as much as i wish.
    i think, it is nothing wrong about to find out what really fits you and recycle the bags....
  4. Hhehe...if I have too many bags, then my BF starts to notice!!!!
  5. I'm on constant "recycle" mode.I keep about 5 or 6 bags at a time. I seem to regret after I sell though, so one of my New Year's resolutions is to keep a moderate amount for a longer period of time.
  6. Sell..
  7. I definitely sell in order to not feel as guilty when I see a new LV I just HAVE to have! :yes:
  8. I haven't sold any of my bags but in some occasions I have gven them to good friends who i knew they would be happy to have. I knew that the money that I would take from selling would be nothing compared to happy faces...Don't take me wrong it's not pity...I simply love them..

    My friends are the ones that make my world magical...
  9. I have my LV bags, however my coach ones have been sitting in closet and thinking of selling those to help fund my lv obession
  10. i do sell my old bags if i need to fund a new one that i like more and will use more
  11. Same here. I just purchased my first LV (speedy) and I admit I might be hankering after a second one soon.

    I'm going to start weeding out all my non-designer handbags soon. I was going to sell my Coach collection too but dh gifted some of them so it's going to be tough. Pretty sure my bags outnumber my clothing.... :huh:
  12. I hear ya there...I used to be a huge clotheshorse (esp. shoes and coats), but now, I don't really care so much fact, I've sold a lot of it on eBay or donated to Goodwill...purses (namely, LV) is my obsession now!!! :love:
  13. I resell once I reach a critical mass to help fund new ones :smile:
    I also usually feel like when I have too many, I'm not getting enough use out of them for the money I pay for them.
  14. I use all my stuff so unless I *have* to, I won't be selling any of it.
  15. I get bored easy and it has to be pretty special to make me keep it. I tend to go through phases of hording and then having a clear out.