Do You Keep A Journal ?

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  1. I used to when I was younger, My older sister found it, and read it to her friends. Since then I have never kept one.

    (Trust issues !)

    Do you keep a Journal ?
  2. I did from the time i was 13 or so until I was about 18. Since then I decided that some things are better off forgotten, and I never wanted anyone to find them. So I got rid of them.
    I'm so paranoid!
  3. I keep a fitness journal online :smile: And it's a private forum so I also write about my life in it, it's nice :love:
  4. Oh man, I used to. I re-read it years later and it was sooo embarassing! My entries were like "today I saw <insert name of crush here> he's sooooo hot, omg." and they went on. Still, I'm glad I kept them because it was interesting to re-read little things that happened to me I had forgotten about. I think I'd like to start one up again, but keep it more informative and less personal- so incase it falls into the wrong hands- I won't have to worry.

    PS. I threw out my old journals after re-reading them! :-P
  5. I've recently started keeping a fitness journal online and I include like daily life thoughts and stuff in it. I've never been able to keep a normal written journal.
  6. I have an online journal, but its not really a what i did today, more of a why i'm angry today. I basically only write in it actually when things go really good, or really bad. I probably look manic depressive to people. I used to keep a food journal, but that was bad news. Also I have about 9 journals at home that are about 85% poems and 15% life stuff. In conclusion...looks like i'm the queen of journaling. I really need to get rid of all those old books.
  7. I tried to keep a journal, but I always lose interest :sad:
  8. I used to, not anymore though. Sometimes I write down my thoughts, but not on a regular basis. I used to have a LiveJournal a looong time ago, but I got :blink: about people knowing way too many details about my personal life.
  9. Newbie here! I kept one for a few months when I was like 12...became so paranoid anyone would find it I tore it up. Never kept one since.
  10. i try to keep one, and get into it for a while, then slowly keep forgetting about, and now it's sitting in my nightstand, sad and lonely.
  11. I've tried, but I don't find it that cathartic. Also, I don't like really personal things floating around... I'm not afraid somebody's going to steal it or anything, but imagine if something happened to me and my parents found my journal and it's full of my *****ing and moaning about them! And they're amazing people!

    I don't believe journals are at all representative of who we are, especially the way people "journal" today which seems largely for theraputic purposes. It's just a whole lot of venting. In the past people kept intricate diaries with details of everyday life: John Adams even wrote at great length about the dresses his wife wore!
  12. Yes, I keep a journal but I only write in it every so often. I love looking back on past journals I've had! Like...I was mad over THAT?! How silly!
  13. ditto for me. i have at leat 5-6 journals with like 3 pages filled out and then nothing because i toss them in the corner. :worried:
  14. i use to have one when i was in my early to late teens... i was quite an angry/sad person then, but now im much better! so there is no need for one! :biggrin:
  15. I used to keep a journal but I wrote it in like twice a month. So, it would be like today I'm going to the movies with Mary. Next entry like a month later, me and Mary are not friends anymore. lol I read my journal and thought I sounded bipolar. I'm just too forgetful to keep one everyday. I could barely keep one once a month. So, it makes no sense. lol