Do you keep a fashion notebook?

  1. I do! I'm nowhere near an organized person, but when it comes to things I want (shoes, clothes, bags, makeup, even socks!) I have to write it down. I have a notebook specifically for items I want to buy. I carry it with me everywhere. When I see something in a magazine or instore I want to keep my eye on or buy later, I write it down. When I purchase it I cross it off the list.

    Since starting my notebook I've found myself finally buying entire outfits and not forgetting that I need pants to go with my top or clothes to wear with blue shoes. Tomorrow is Nordies fall wardrobing seminar and I will be there with my notebook. I'm probably going to be the only person with a notebook.

    So any other crazy people out there keep a running tab of wants?
  2. I don't have a notebook, however I have at least five pink post-its in my purse at the moment with a bunch of "wants" written on each of them.
  3. That's cool :nuts: That sounds so organized... way too organized for me :P
  4. I go through phases of keeping a "want" list....and need to do that as it's a good thing! Normally I see something I like and HAVE to have it NOW.....trying to break that habit lol! The other thing I do though, is have a fashion notebook with pictures of outfits, styles I like and I look at and think about how I can work that into what I have, or buy, etc. Sometimes the lust goes away and other times I buy either the same item or something similar...
  5. I love Right now is beginning of S/S 07 fashion shows, and I follow all shows. When I see something I may want, I print and make sure to call SA's, stores (in case of lists), etc. or check web sites periodically for pre sales. I found my Gucci croc bag this way. Saw it the day after it posted on and right away called my SA to make sure I would be able to get one. So instead of printing and printing more desireable items, I can probably save paper if I made a list. :yes:
  6. I save pictures of everything I want onto my laptop. If I wrote everything I wanted down, I'd forget what they all look like since there's so many lol
  7. I have a fashion list but it's not of things I want. It's of things I've bought including dates and prices. It helps me to budget...kind of...well, I try! If I really want something, there's no way I'll forget it. It sticks in my head until I get it in my hands.
  8. I make lists of things I need to complete unfinished outfits in my wardrobe.
    Since I am so broke as well, it helps me prioritise what to layby first etc.
  9. I have a fashion scrapbook. I cut out pictures of pieces I want to buy from magazines and paste them in the book.
  10. Sort of. I'm not all that organized with this, but I save photographs on my computer -- then I try to print them out (the more important ones, only) and keep them in a semi-organized pile. I also write things down, but not in any one place or in any uniform way.
  11. i usually have a few post-its stuck in my agenda with all my latest "wants". so fun to remove the post-it once i've found what i'm looking for!
  12. Wow elong your so organized! I think thats a great idea ! Good for you now you won't end up forgetting anything :smile:
  13. Trust me, I'm not that organized. You should see my junk car. My BF is ashamed. :shame:
  14. elongreach thats a great idea! The only notes I keep are mental.. I do though have an accordian envelope thing that is the perfect size for my reciepts and tags, but thats as organized as I get.
  15. elongreach, what a fab idea! I have a fashion notebook too, but I don't use it the same way you do...I plan my outfits out and keep inventory of my clothes and shoes in my notebook.
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