Do you ioffer should be taken down!!

  1. Please Mods please close the Thread if I should not be discusing this.:smile:

    ok so I have a paper due next week and I am doing it on Replica I have been researching the site for a week and OMG... how is this site not shut down. Everything on the site is replica. They have blogs and the members complain that others are ripping them off and that they are reporting them to a government wesite. Should the people who are buying, selling, and trading these bags get in trouble. The designers are being ripped off.:cursing:

    sorry I messed up on the title...Do you think IOffer should be take down!!
  2. Craigslist is full of fakes too. I guess they were trying to be an eBay alternative but failed miserably. Shutting down the site won't do much, fakes will just leak themselves onto other sites. They need to get to the root of the problem and that is fakes and the designer industry.
  3. Ditto to whoever said people will find another way to get fake handbags. Take ioffer down and they'll just got to craigslist and spam this board more as they set up their own websites.

    Actually, I'd rather KNOW a bag is a fake than deal with some of the eBay "authentic" ones that really aren't. Three-fourths of the Tiffany jewelry on there was found to be fake (source: ) and I'd bet it's about the same for purses.
  4. I despise Ioffer but I say let it stand. It's invaluable for weeding out fakes on ebay. I now have a list of sellers that I have tagged as Ioffer sellers. If a bag pops up on ebay and it's questionable I have found lots of times (In Koobas and Grysons anyway) that the bag can be found on Ioffer, sometimes the exact pictures, and also similarities in ID names. Ioffer is terrible but use it to your advantage.

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    The only problem with that, of course, is that many people probably don't know about all of this and may actually think the bags on ioffer are authentic. :sad:
  7. Very True. I think I know my Koobas but the Ink Parkers on there could have fooled anyone. Of course they never show you a close up of the leather which would give it away...(If you knew what the real leather was suppose to be like).

    Sadly the list of Ioffer sellers on ebay have made a load of money and are getting the same prices for their bags as the authentic sellers. A new buyer would never know.