Do you insure your collection....

  1. ...I was just thinking about pet insurance, and it got me thinking and I wondered if other bbag owners insured their collection of bbags or would household insurance cover them?
  2. I don't usually get my bbag insured....but ever had one insured for my twiggy magenta recently which i didn't want to do so....If it's insured, then our custom dept will hold my package normally and i have to incur some custom taxes which i do not want to do so....but i know it's a risk not to get it insured...:dothewave:
  3. Sorry, I think you've mis-understood me. Not postal insurance, but household insurance, in case of theft, natural disaster etc etc ;)
  4. I thought my homeowners insurance covered them, as long as I have reciept copies.
  5. Hey, I work at State Farm Insurance.

    It will cover them up to a certain limit usually. Your homeowner's insurance has a "personal property" clause, which you could include the price of your purses. But in case you get robbed or your house burns totally down to the ground, you'll want to claim your "other" possessions first (probably...). Things such as your furniture, appliances, art/antiques, etc. should be first priority in case anything happens to your house. *Knock on wood.

    You also have to take into consideration how many purses you have and how much they cost. If its a great deal, let's say 10,000 or more, you could get a Personal Articles coverage, which is an extra type of insurance. People usually insure jewelry and/or art. But in order to do that, you need an appraisal. There aren't any appraisals (besides receipts) of BBags...

    I have a lot of purses, not just Balenciaga, but Vuittons too. I was also considering insuring them, as crazy as it sounds. I haven't heard of anyone insuring them... so I think its possible but I'm not quite sure.

    I was also considering a vault of some sort. =P

    I hope this helps... if you want more info, I can dig some up at work for you. Lemme know.
  6. I don't insure my bags. First off, I don't have that many :smile: Secondly, if some disaster happened, I'm sure that my bags will be the last thing on my mind :smile:
  7. My Mom was asking me the other day if my bag should be insured lol I thought she was kidding.. she wasn't.
  8. Mine aren't insured, but we have a monitored alarm system and I don't go to my neighbors house (ok, that may be an exageration!) w/o setting the alarm! We live in a comfortable neighborhood but you never know! I am hoping if there is a break-in the noise will scare them away before they take anything! That and the police showing up. Now in case of fire, well obviously I am hoping that doesn't happen. Our home has a brick exterior so keeping everything crossed that any damage may be minimal! And not just for my handbags!
  9. Its just when you add up how much they are worth, its potentially a lot of money. So to lose them, say in a burgalry, it would take a long time to replace.

    And I bet the average household insurance doesn't cover them, or they would be hard pressed to try and get out of paying if they weren't listed as items of value on your insurance.

    I will ring our household insurers next week and get some advice.

    The other thing is, a lot of mine I've bought as pre-owned, so proving value could be difficult.
  10. Fred & Ginger : Oops..i'm sorry but i don't have those househouse insured (for example).....if such thing really happen, i guess life is more important whether is theft or natural disaster.....:smile:

  11. I can understand why you would ask....these bags are not cheap! I have State Farm and my HOI personal prop coverage does cover such items. It will even cover them if I am away from the house. They are covered if they are stolen while on vacation, etc. They don't have to be taken directly from the home to be covered. It covers me throughout most countries. It covers jewelry too, but only up to a certain amount. Jewelry, fine art, collectibles, etc can have their own policy to cover as much value as needed. But that is how my policy with State Farm works. Every Ins. co will be different. But hey, good question.

    I was camping a few years ago when a tornado ripped through the camp grounds. Everyone was fine, we sought shelter asap, but our clothing, jewelry, bags, tent, electronics, EVERYTHING was destroyed, and my HOI covered everything. Boat was destroyed too but I had boat insurance for that. My HOI replaced my LV Speedy bag and I was far, far from home! When I go camping I do it in luxury!!!
  12. No, I never even thought about it.
  13. Mine are covered under the Personal Possessions Clause like REREsaurus explained. I do have to advice seperately of any personal possession worth over £750.00 though and I have to pay an additional premium. I don't have many bags that fall under that category but watches and jewellery are all listed. You best check with your insurer F&G :yes:
  14. In the only way to do it!! :yahoo: At least you have peace of mind, that if something does go wrong, your well covered, and you can enjoy your vacation!! :wlae:
  15. Hi Balchlfen, thanks for the advice. Its suprising how quick you can build up a collection of bags or other valuable items, and insurance wasn't something I had considered till now. It would be foolhardy not to ensure they were adequately insured. Regards F&G