Do you insure your Birkins/Kellys?

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  1. I always insure any piece of jewelry that I have that's over $6500.00. I was wondering how many TPFers insure their Birkins/Kellys as they are higher priced handbags? My LVs are not insured as they are not as expensive but now a days with the bad economy and an increase in crime rate makes me think that it's not such a bad idea.....especially if you get your purse snatched on the street or your house broken into.
  2. Funny you ask -- I just did it, today...
  3. ^oops hit the reply before I had finished... that is to say, there are a few threads on this topic if you use the search function at the top right of the page you will be able to find more discussion on insurance. HTH
  4. And, I was thinking about doing it today, which I realize will do me absolutely no good if the closet bursts into flames tonight, but at least I'm now considering it and will most likely make the call on Monday.

    I think the premiums are quite high, but they may be worth the piece of mind.
  5. Yes, in the process of it myself..
  6. I have insured my Kelly.
  7. Yup all insured here too. In the UK anything worth over £1,500 has to be named on the policy
  8. It's funny I just called my ins to ask about this. The woman was like "well how much was the bag", I said, well I want to know if the bag cost, say $8k is it insured or do I have to list it seperately.

    She went to check and came back and said as long as I could prove I owned the bag it was insured under the general plan I had. DH got busy photographing and recipets too.

    Which prompted her to say, you should photograph your stuff. no matter the value, take pics of everything. DH is busy photographing now in his spare time.

    She said d/l it and send it to your computer to an account you can access from any computer. She said, she has a photograph of everything and has d/l it a hotmail account so if anything ever happened it's all documented.

    I would photograph those bags and receipts.
  9. ^^ Hmm, very interesting. I haven't insured my H bags, but now I'm thinking about it. I'll call on Monday to see if they are covered under the general policy or it they need a rider.
  10. Yes, defiitely call and ask, and to be honest, after talking with her, just my opinoin I would photograph everything, and receipts too.

    She made a good point, she said, you can have XXXX coverage, but jsut because you have that coverage doesn't mean you will ge a check for that amount. You have to prove the stuff cost that much.

    Even if you have receipts unless they are in a vault, if something happend the receipts might be destroyed.

    She also said that this saves the trouble when under the gun and stressed to try to remember everything as somehting may inadvertently get left out and she was right.

    If you buy an new bag, take a picutre with the receipt. d/l it.

    DH still has to do scarves /shawls. I think she gave good advice regardless of value. I know one of my jewelrs that I deal with take a photograph of everything and keeps a file for each client with copies of bills/receipts/proof of purchase.
  11. ^^ I'll get on this pronto! Definitely good advice. And, good morning, by the way. :biggrin:
  12. Good morning to you too!!
  13. With Chubb, you can choose between two different types of coverage:

    One is called Valuable Articles coverage, where each item is listed separately and insured for its full value.

    or, you can get blanket coverage, where you don't identify each item, and each individual loss is capped at 10K.

    The toughest part about doing this, was actually explaining to our broker that I had handbags that cost as much as they do...

    I think he could tell I was a bit uncomfortable, so he shared a story about another client who had, and I quote - "20 or so crocodle birkins." Her DH demanded they be insured after he accidentally spilled something on a guest's bag at a dinner party they held at their home. The bag was apparently ruined. He only learned of the price after saying he would replace it. Lucky for him, the guest's bag was insured. Now his DW's bags are insured too.