Do you insure H and have you ever claimed it?

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  1. Wondering if you ladies insure your Hermes bags and if so, have you ever claimed the insurance with success?

    I was about to insure some of mine (through home content insurance) but the company didn't even ask for photo, etc simply saying that I will be covered up to £5,000 per incident. But then I wondered, would these companies actually pay £5K for the cost of one bag?

  2. why not? if the bag costs 8K....
  3. I am also interested in insuring my bags, my current insurers won't quote for my H bags, can anyone recommend a UK insurer?
  4. I'm with Cornhill Direct and my bag along with watches are named on the policy. Anything over £1,000 has to be named on the policy so that it is fully covered and this of course ups the premium.

    When I bought my Birkin they wanted a copy of the receipt to prove that I actually had the bag. I need to call them to up the cover because of the price increase. My insurers insure on a new for old basis so it's vital I keep the prices up to date on both the bag and the Rolexes as they are another company that love a hefty increase!!
  5. Mooks - thats good to know - i was also wondering what to do in case of price increase. A company initially told me that if your pet ruins the bag they won't replace it but if i accidentally ruin the bag (i.e., spill wine) it will be covered. Is it true? Also, what if i don't have a receipt? My Dad gave me his Rolex a long ago and I am sure he wouldn't have kept the receipt though, Hmmm....
  6. i am with hiscox ! (with a lot of other things as well)

    do a search we had such threads before
  7. You would need to speak to whichever company you choose to insure with as they all have different cover. Mine is covered for theft, loss and accidental damage.

    Again you would need to ascertain what your insurer requires as proof of purchase, thing is they need to know the bag is legitimate I would imagine because they wouldn't want to inusre a fake bag and then someone claims a few months later. With the Rolexes they don't need the receipt because you have the serial number with the papers that come in the box so if you claimed you would just give them the serial number. They would then give this to Rolex so that if the watch was ever returned for service at a later date and was registered as having been lost or stolen it will be retained.
  8. regarding price increase- my company replaces "old" for new so to speak. i my bag got damaged stolen etc they will pay me they price it will cost to replace it that given time!
    with my company everything is covered apart from normal wear and tear !

    but you really need to examine those policies maybe send it to yur lawyer to have it checked throughoutly ! some insurers are very very good others well not so much
  9. Lilach and Mooks Thank you very much!
    Very usefull information.
    I am underinsured. Insurance is on my to do list!
  10. I work in an insurance company. If I get my H bag, I don't know if I want to insure it with them. I don't want my boss to know that I paid such a hefty amount for a bag. LOL
  11. Mine is insured through my homeowners policy. Never had a claim (knock wood)
  12. My store has always assured me that they have a record of all my purchases if I ever need it, but I do make copies and keep one set at my office, just in case. And I do take photos as well.
  13. But how would one go about insuring H bags bought pre-owned? Will H give a written estimate of replacement cost??? HAs anyone tried this or needed to do it?
  14. Very useful info here - thanks for the link to GG's link :tup: