Do you inspire friends?

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  1. I'm curious, do your friends carry Chanel bags, or designer bags in general? My friends carry a variety, but no Chanel until now! One of my best friends loved my GST so much she went out and bought her own.

    What about your group?
  2. Not my friends, but I have 'inspired' my mom into 3 Chanel's:nuts:
  3. friends are into LV and Gucci. I am not loving LV and Gucci anymore since I found this forum:rolleyes: I wish I can trade in all my other brands for some chanel ones.
  4. Nope. My friend inspired me. She has at 5 or 6 Chanels plus clothes. Now I have two bags and a key case.
  5. Not me. My friends would never spend that much on a bag...but they always accept my hand me downs. :rolleyes:
  6. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Keeps one's closet from being cluttered.
  7. Nope. No one around me cares or knows Chanel at all.
  8. My obsession has actually done some good to the world! ;) I've influenced one of my friends to get a chanel. She bought her Bronze Cotton Club tote after I raved about it. My SA was so grateful that I practically made the sale for her, she was kind enough to give me a free Coco Mademoiselle EDT! (I guess that's my first "VIP" gift, even though I don't spend $$$$$ at her boutique.)

    btw, this is a great thread IntlSet!!
  9. Most of my friends have variety of bags ( a lot of IT bags) and very very few have chanels. I recently sold a lot of my bags (5 of them actually) to fund my future chanel purchases (I am thinking luxe bowler of reissue in metallic black)--getting into the obsession now=)
    I kind of like being the 'odd one out', it kind of feel special=)
  10. No, most of my friends think I'm insane to spend that kind of money on a handbag. Although they like my bags.
  11. I wish my friends understands bags.
  12. I was inspired by a friend to Chanel. Fell in love with her reissue at first sight and from then on, I am in Chanel purse world.
  13. My friends are into other brands - LV, gucci, etc. I'm currently the only one in my circle who owns chanel bags. I did inspire one of my friends; she's now considering buying a reissue bag.
  14. I'm definitely a trendsetter in my group. A lot of my friends are better off financially than I am but they just wouldn't spend more than $250 on a bag (gasp)

    I inspire co-workers more than my friends, I guess there is more peer pressure at work. its like high school with paychecks
  15. No. My friends are into fakes. LOL. I was the only one who loves the real thing. They want the more the better. Not being proud of having at least one handbag but at least it's authentic. :/