Do you inspect the Nutritional Facts on packaged foods before eating/buying them?

  1. YES! I am one of those "need to know" people.
  2. I'll check on occasion. But I rarely buy items that would require checking (which I believe would mostly be processed foods, like chips, cookies, crackers, frozen foods, drinks, etc.). I try to avoid having to worry about it buy purchasing organic cookies and such, but I still check with those the first time around, lol. Only for ingredients, I'm not a calorie/fat counter. I do look for sodium though, I can't handle overly salty foods, nor do I want to consume them anyway
  3. Always-obsessively.
  4. No. The food I eat is so unhealthy if I read the package I'll just get depressed. :rolleyes:
  5. Yes. I don't buy or eat anything packaged from stores unless I know the nutritional information, specifically the calorie count. I watch my calorie intake. I don't care about fat, cholesterol, trans fat, or anything else: just calories.
  6. Yes, all the time. I'm pretty obsessed with it.
  7. I do check the nutritional facts plus I check the ingredients and avoid products that I don't like, ie too many artificial ingredients and or too high in calories.
  8. Usually I have a general list of groceries I get eveyr week so I know what's in them. If it's a new product, I'll check to see if anything has hydrogenated oils in it.
  9. sometimes
  10. never...
    sometimes i read them at home when i get bored. just out of interest, really.
  11. I just try to figure out the Weight Watchers points, but a lot of the foods I buy have the points on them like Lean Cuisines.
  12. I always check the nutritional info and for artificial ingredients. Even though I usually shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, they still have a lot of packaged foods with bad ingredients.
  13. I usually do unless I'm in a "to hell with it" mood. Then I just eat whatever I feel like eating.
  14. Yes, always.
  15. Almost always. I especially look at calories, protein and fiber. Sometimes calcium.