Do you include the shipping cost as part of the value on a customs form?

  1. I recently had a buyer in India who claims he didn't receive an item he purchased from me. He filed a PayPal claim and won. Of course PayPal refunded his money before USPS got a response from customs in India, which can take up to 60 days. If they don't find it, I will file a claim for the insurance, but I am out the shipping cost. I have heard that some people include the shipping charge as part of the value of the item on the customs declaration, which doesn't seem fair to the buyer if they are paying customs tax. However, it really sucks that I am out the shipping for something that isn't my fault either. Any thoughts?


    Vicki :smile:
  2. Nope, I just list the purchase price.

    I have been lucky so far, although I have had a few try to tell me they didn't recieve items....once I sent the DC# they were never heard from again.
  3. I've been pretty lucky too. Just had a couple that were lost. Luckily they weren't bags. I've started shipping everything EMS, which seems like the safest way to go. Priority mail is just too risky, even with insurance.
  4. I use EMS too -- it's expensive, but worth it. I do not include the price of shipping on the forms. I doubt the PO would reimburse you for that.
  5. I live in Canada and Canada Post refunds the insured amount plus shipping fees if a package is lost/damaged.
  6. That's cool. This will be my first claim with USPS, so we'll see what they do. It would stink if I was out my shipping fees, but we'll see.....