Do you Hvae an Extra $14,000.00 to Spend?

  1. Here she is in a Cognac Crocodile and all yours for only $14,000.00:wtf:

    Love it, but I think I would rather save a Crocodile or two:graucho:
  2. Sure, but I'd probably save it toward the croc birkin I want. Anytime I see a bag over 10, I think that the birkin of my dreams is just a stone's throw away from that :drool:

    I do like Jimmy in croc though, haven't seen one here yet. It would be unique.
  3. pretty bag, but that's too much for a bag to me. I'd rather put it towards a Porsche.
  4. wow if i go that 5 figure roller, i will spend on hermes for sure.
  5. I love it, but for this money I would probably choose something else.
  6. So that's roughly 7K Sterling - Nah will pass, can think of better things to buy than just one handbag!
  7. I'm with you:yes: Black Porsche Boxter is "Dream":yahoo:
  8. that's what I've been wanting for a while. I'm trying to be good and keep my car as long as I can though.